Benefits & Resources


  • Powerful & Strategic Relationships - The biggest benefit to building a relationship with the Sonshine Network Ministries conference is the immediate sense of connection that you feel because you are exposed to and surrounded by like-minded pastors who are passionate about developing highly-effective, relevant churches and ministries!
  • Proven Ministry Systems - We all know the pain of trying to "reinvent the wheel", so we provide and share each of our church and ministry's very best systems with you to help you to reduce your administrative headaches, and remain focused on what you do best... MINISTRY!
  • Retreats & Conferences - We eagerly anticipate "the next" event because not only are we enriched and inspired by powerful praise and worship and pentecostal preaching, but we get to develop, strengthen, and enjoy the genuine relationships with this amazing network of pastors and ministers.
  • Instant Access - Being in relationship with SonShine Network Ministries provides you with direct access to and personal relationships with ministry leaders who are ONLY interested in furthering your ministry effectiveness, and prove that commitment through the investment of their time and capital.
  • World-Wide Ministry Impact - The IPHC is currently and will continue to expand it's reach across the globe. Your connection with SonShine Network Ministries links you up with this world-wide organization and allows you to share in this success.


If you'd like to explore in greater detail, each of the benefits and resources available to you through your connection with SonShine Network Ministries, simply visit our primary conference site here. You can also visit the main site for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church here.

When you are ready to be introduced to, and begin developing relationships on a local level, simply click here to request an Info Pack or to call Pastor Darius Arnold directly.